TRENDS for the Industry

TRENDS is designed for the industry

The TRENDS system is the output of a collaboration between research and industrial partners. This system answers several needs of the designers’ pointed out by the project team :
- gathering information in order to find inspiration in visual content
- proposing up-to-date and targeted content
- following a both rational and creative methodology for expressing visual trends
- specific tools to extract trends from visual material

TRENDS for retrieving images

In their every-day work, designers are used to get inspiration from images, taken from various sources. The TRENDS system will let them use the power of the internet to retrieve images corresponding to an inspirational need.
This need is hardly to be expressed in basic terms, a study of the designers’ work methodology led within the TRENDS project pointed out several high-level terms and values. These terms have been used in the TRENDS system to enhance the image search algorithms, thus mixing a high-level text retrieval engine and powerful image retrieval capabilities.

TRENDS leads to targeted content

The TRENDS system proposed a large database of pictural material in which designers will find specific inspirational material. This visual content database has been targeted to include thousands of images in specific sectors of influence (automotive, fashion, aeronautics, architecture…).

TRENDS is a methodology

The TRENDS system relies on an innovative design methodology leading the designers from the informational phase (gathering inspirational material) to the trends elaboration phase (where colors, textures and shapes are identified).
This methodology, based on a collaboration with car designers, let them gather, categorize and extract trends from images.